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Corrupted Innocence
12 November 2010 @ 03:46 pm
 Its been forever since I've actually sat at my laptop and worked on my fanfics, but with the recent manga chapters of Bleach, I've been wanting to go back to A Quincy's Heart and try and finish it. Before I put it on semi hiatus because of several things that were coming up all at once, but I'm going to take it off hiatus now to vent some of the growing frustration I've been feeling. 

I could easily just start ranting on some of the shit that has happened lately, but that would take up too much time and effort to do. I'm just glad that the state isn't Democrat anymore. Maybe that will be able to help turn it around? We're already do deep in debt anyways, so any improvement would be nice to see. (Sighs) It seems so weird that I'm not in school, but I have to wait until next fall to go. 

(Mumbles random curses under her breath)

I'm going to be so glad to get back into school. There's nothing to do here, and its always so damn quiet. I think i go stir crazy. I should just target that insanity towards the sets I make in photoshop and my fanfics. Photoshop is fun to work with, and thankfully I don't have much to do in it right now. I can give time to my fanfics that way.

Hmm...I need to go finish a set before I open openoffice.

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Corrupted Innocence
03 October 2010 @ 01:57 am
 Oh man, I really do realize how long that its been since I've actually written anything here, but its for a good reason. Since the last tine I've been here things have been rather bad, and things are only now starting to look up. To add to things, I've had a few moments where I just thought that I would have a major mental breakdown. Its been tough, but I've managed to keep myself together, even if it meant becoming more sadistic and pessimistic concerning the situation in my state, in the US as a whole....Its enough to drive me to want to go to Canada or Europe, just anywhere that isn't here.

Really, I've been considering it for the longest time really. I can't stand how this country has been dragged through the dirt and continues to sty in it just because of the stupidity that surrounds bureaucrats. I detest politics and its many forms, and it would be nice to live without having to be dragged into some of the shit that comes up just because someone gets a little greedy. 

Anyways, I couldn't go to school this year because things to really tight for quite a while, and my dad's really just settling into his new job finally. Screw DHL and their fucked up way of staying in the market, at least we're getting money back into my house! Next fall I will be going to Oakland, starting on my major. Its actually a good thing that I've got a year off because I can help my mom out and help my younger sister out with her homework when she isn't being a total bitch.

Now that I'm not almost constantly angry at almost everything and that I can actually concentrate on things, I'm getting back to writing. Sorry for everyone that was looking forward to me updating my fanfics, I will try to get updates for the continuing ones really soon, that and post some of the half finished oneshots that I still have on my computer. I'm back, changed my style of writing a bit, and I'm even more insane when it comes to my plot ideas. Hopefully I still have some readers sticking by me. If not, I hope to draw in new ones~

For now, I'm still dealing with my insomnia, but I'm trying to get that back on track too. Hopefully I will be able to, and I'll finally be getting some major things back in order for myself.

-Lune De Marionette
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Corrupted Innocence
23 July 2010 @ 02:03 pm
Right now, I'm unbelievably pleased. I've seriously been waiting to know if I'd get into Oakland, and just this week I found that I have indeed been accepted. All I really have to worry about is to finish paying down the housing that I still owe for my last semester at Eastern, then I can worry about getting to OU. I would've had only a small amount to pay if this year hadn't been complete shit when it comes to jobs, but what's done is done. Knowing that I'm accepted into the college that I want to transfer to brings a weight off of my shoulders.

This summer has been rather busy for me. One thing after another has been thrown my way, and I've been dealing with everything as best as I can. I still have to finish reading Atlas Shrugged so I can work on a scholarship essay, and nowt hat I actually have some free time to work on my fanfiction, I will be heading back to them.

So, you can expect updates from me rather soon, both for my story A Quincy's Heart, and new KHR oneshots that I will post up as well.

Seeing that I have a lot to do, and that it helps tremendously that its raining as well, I'm going to go multitask...and try to get things done.

Kufufu~ I'm in the mood for yaoi, too. This should be interesting
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Corrupted Innocence
30 June 2010 @ 02:17 pm
 I can't believe that it takes a week and a half to get one measly part for a laptop. I've been dealing with a quickly dying battery and power adapter for the past month and a half, and it took until just yesterday for me to be able to have my laptop back somewhat. The battery on this laptop is completely shot, but I can wait a bit longer to get my battery. I would have to anyways if it takes that long to even find and ship a part for a laptop that isn't even two years old yet. Good thing for me is that I can run my laptop just by having it plugged into the laptop and into one of the power blocks or plugs in the house.

I'm just glad to have my laptop back. Trying to deal with the desktop computer was frustrating, especially because of how slow it is. At least with mine, I can do more.

Last night I had to spend quite a bit of time downloading and sending both wallpapers and ringtones to my phone because I got a new one after the touch screen on my old one started to mess up. Now that was something that pissed me off at the time. Because I didn't have a memory card in my phone, when I got a new one everything was deleted....which meant that I had to spend about an hour and a half just getting most of the stuff that I had on there back. Hell, I still have quite a few ringtones that I still need to download, and then I'm going to leave it along for a while. September is so far away--I want a completely new phone, not a new one of the model that I've had.

For now, I'm going to be backing up everything on my computer so that if things are deleted when its taken in to get a new battery, I won't have to start over with the things that were deleted.
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Corrupted Innocence
17 June 2010 @ 03:26 pm
This is going to be funny, especially considering that the past week has been really comfortable temperature wise around here. Everyone's been enjoying the nice weather, but apparently next week things are supposed to change. We're supposed to get some of the tropical heat from down south, which means that its going to get really muggy and hot rather fast. Then there's the storms. I love the storms, but the whole mugginess can go for now. I just want to be able to enjoy a good rainy day without having to need the air conditioner.

There's been so much rain recently that I can actually lie in the grass without having my arms being scratched up by brush. That's a bad thing because it means the grass is growing incredibly fast, but its a good thing because I like to stretch out in the sun and lie on the grass for a while. At least long enough so that I could get in a quick nap or something. I know why cats like sleeping in the sun so much, its actually pretty comfortable if its not that hot outside. The breeze out makes it just a bit better too.

I haven't been able to find a remedy for my damn laptop other than going out and replacing the obviously shot parts that have been acting up, and I'm not going to do that right now if I could actually go and buy a replacement soon. No, if I can do that i'll just buy the replacement and make it a better one at that. I'm already annoyed enough at this damn thing, and I don't want to have to deal with it for more than I have to.

I've been trying to work on my fanfics, but with how temperamental my laptop is being I don't have any idea when I'll be able to post anything. I'll just go for bits at a time until I can get a real answer as to whether or not I'm going to fix this piece of junk or if I'm going to get a new laptop and finish what I've been working on for the past month on there. So right now I just have to dodge the almost attempts at losing what I've been working on when the damn thing dies because of the damn adapter and save every few minutes to make sure I don't.

Ugh, this is going to make me incredibly paranoid now. I guess its better to be paranoid than to be optimistic. When you're optimistic, any and all hopes that you have for the future are easily shattered, broken and tossed into the wind.

Rawr. I feel like going and playing a marathon round of old school Sonic 2 for some reason. XD

-Corrupted Innocence
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Corrupted Innocence
15 June 2010 @ 04:35 am
I know that I need a new one, that's nothing new. No, I'm reminded in one of the worst ways that I seriously need to get a new laptop and fast. The battery I have on this is crap, and I'm not going and spending $120-150 dollars on a battery for something that I'd rather not do. Yeah, I can use the computer until It really dies but still. It frustrates me that its not just the battery now, but the damn power adapter is dying as well. I'd have to spend somewhere close to $200 for replacements for both, and I still would be irritated at my damn laptop.

It figures that for this particular model, things go down the drain after two or so years. Replacements for the battery and power adapters are frequent and hassling, from what I've read lately. -sighs- It was the better option at the time when I was looking at laptops, but I could have went with the mac and I went with the pc instead. Looks like the mac was the better option of the two.

Actually getting replacements for the laptop isn't what is bugging me. If it was just one thing, it wouldn't but me as much but adding in the annoyances that have been piling up on me because of Windows....I can't wait until I can get a new laptop.

Guess what, I'll be switching to a Mac then~ Windows can go to hell, and if I'll be stuck with it for another month and a half or so I'll have to deal with it until then. Begrudgingly, I can admit that I should've broken down a while ago and gotten a new one--I'm surprised that it's lasted this long already. Oh well, this gives me more of a reason to go and finish that book for the scholarship I'm working on. The essay isn't due until September, but the sooner I finish the book, the better.

Ugh, this is going to drive me up the wall. Having to worry about both the battery and the power adapter for this damn thing and trying to finish several things before the thing actually does go up and die on me is going to really wear on my nerves. I really can't wait for the month to be over, and strangely enough I can't wait to be back in school. Fuck, I'm really not in a good mood right now. I need to calm down enough so I can sleep. I've been too pissed at one thing piling up after another with this damn laptop and other things that need to be taken care of.

It needs to start raining, at least the sound of it will help my mood, even at the smallest bit. I could use any help that I can get with getting me out of the bad mood I'm in.

-Corrupted Innocence
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Corrupted Innocence
13 June 2010 @ 09:26 am
Fuck, that would be the last time that I would be stupid enough to completely redo my livejournal picture and mood theme wise. It takes forever for me to fix everything, and by the time that I'm finished with it all I'm tired of looking at my computer screen for a good few hours. The next time that I get this idea I'm just going to get either a paid account or extra icons because its a hell of a lot easier just going in and changing random icons on posts then having to delete all of the icons that you have before on posts then going in and assigning one to each post. It was just bugging me to see the theme that  I had up because it didn't match what I had up on my desktop. Now that it does I can leave it for quite a while.

Right now I'm about ready to pass out because I haven't slept in eighteen hours, and by the time that I actually do finish this I will either be passed out in the armchair that I'm in or I would be curled up in bed. Either way I'd be getting the sleep that I so dearly need. Muu~ Its a good thing that I've given myself a bit of a break when it comes to drinking chamomile tea before bed and taking melatonin to help me sleep because It was getting to the point that it wasn't helping at all. I'm going to make a cup of chamomile tea tonight and see if that helps, that and I'll actually go to bed at an early time compared to when i go to bed now.

Lately I've been splitting my attention between my fanfics and reading Atlas Shrugged so that I can write an essay for a scholarship, so I've been pulled a bit thin. Reading Ayn Rand's work is like reading Orwell's 1984 to me, its interesting but you really need to get into it so that the dry parts won't make you put down the book and never pick it back up. Its not boring, its just that it can be dry in parts. I've also been hacking away at the 339 one shot that I'm planning to get out. Its going to be a bit lengthy--not sure on how long yet, but it'll be out before I start to work on A Quincy's Heart again. Once I get that out I can start to work on AQH without any distractions.

Hm, its supposed to rain for a good portion of the day and get cooler. That's going to be a relief, the past couple of days have been really humid and I've had to have the air conditioning on in my house. I'd like to be able to turn it off and stop being a popsicle. Maybe then I could start looking for a good lawn chair so I can sit out in the front yard in the sun. The chairs that we have now aren't good enough, I need to be able to stretch out.

Che, the ibuprofen that I took for my aching neck and shoulders is really starting to wear off, I'm really sore right now. Starting to get a headache too, but I think that's because I haven't slept yet. I'm going to head to bed to see if that helps with the headache. A rather hot bath would help with my neck and shoulders later too.

-Corrupted Innocence
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Corrupted Innocence
09 June 2010 @ 07:54 pm
Wow, now that I actually go and read what i wrote when I was incredibly sleep deprived I can't help but to laugh. I really do come out with really odd things when I'm like that, and last night wasn't anything different. I should try to remember not to post anything when I'm like this, but with the way I'm still really tired, I wouldn't have gotten around to posting it when I wanted to. Its more of a better early than never thing.

Cripes, this is going to be so odd. My younger brother graduates tomorrow, and the last graduation ceremony that I was at within the past two years was my own. There's only a two and a half year difference between my and my younger brother, but its feeling like a little bit more now. Hopefully I won't feel that old tomorrow...pfft. Its going to be hard to get my mom to stop crying....that's going to be so much fun.

I'm just going to head to bed early, especially because I'm going to have to be awake enough to be at my brother's graduation, that and so that I'm not going to be irritable when I really do wake up. I've gotten used to the fact that I'm most awake during the night, but I don't think that others have yet.

-Corrupted Innocence
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Corrupted Innocence
06 June 2010 @ 10:51 pm
Yesterday was really eventful with all of the storms that passed through where I lived during the nighttime hours. Hell, we haven't seen storms like that in a while so I was a bit surprised as to how strong they actually were. One line after another came, the strong thunderstorm cells trailing in a line. At first there was just a lot of heavy rain and lightning, but then the cells with rotation in them started to appear, which caused tornado watches and warnings like crazy to appear. Things were so out of whack that by the time that the night was over I heard the tornado sirens at least three different times. Three tornadoes came out of the system that was in Michigan, the rest of them were in Indiana and Ohio.

I was ready to have to head down to my basement several times because of what was going on, thankfully I didn't have to. By the time that I actually did head to bed, the storms were noticeably weaker than the ones that went through at around midnight, so it was safe for me to sleep. what really would've sucked is if the weather radio that we have went off and it was something that we needed to hear because my little sister put a pillow over the thing because it was pissing her off. Yeah, the thing is annoying, but its supposed to be there so we can be safe. I should knock her upside the head the next time she tries to do that.

Yesterday also reminded me that I haven't seen my chiropractor in god knows how long. My back and shoulders are so out of whack, and a long hot bath only does so much for me. Hopefully things will smooth out a bit so that I can actually get back in and get myself adjusted. My neck's been annoying me so much lately that I'm about ready to beg my dad to take me there. I'm tired enough right now that I could head to bed and actually sleep, which is funny because I'm used to insomnia. Hopefully I'm done with that for now.

I've started working on a few Katekyo Hitman Reborn oneshots, and I've already started three of them. I'll at least get two of them out before I start working on any more ideas for this fandom, and I'll probably go and finish chapter seven of A Quincy's Heart before I let myself to work on anything else. Its just that right now I can't shake the ideas for different stories with  339, 6927, and a 32739 as the pairing. They're all smut filled, but eh, that's the mindset I'm in at the moment. I don't know if I've seen a 32739 pairing either....that's going to be really fun to write. Maybe I should head to bed early so I can get up and work on one of my stories? Hmmm--decisions, decisions.

I blame myself for listening to Dirty Picture while I was looking for 339 pictures. That's what started it all xD

-Corrupted Innocence
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Corrupted Innocence
04 June 2010 @ 11:12 pm
Being woke up at four in the morning by your annoying younger sister can drive most batty. I want to sleep during that time, not be wide awake because of something that will keep me up. Hell, I love my sleep and for things that get in the way of that--they're right on top of the list to be bitched at by me. I only get up when I have to, and on the weekends and any day in particular I like to be a bit lazy and curl up on the couch or on my bed and relax for a while.

Once I was awake enough, I ended up working on straightening out my bookmarks for my Firefox. That took a while just because of how many I had to sort and organize, but by the time I was finished, I was already on my way to going with my mom and dad to pick up my little brother at Oakland University. I haven't been that far north before, normally I tend to head tot he border and go to Ohio when I really want to go somewhere, so it was a bit of a new thing for me. From what I saw, the campus is in rather well kept. It was pretty nice, and I'll be able to see more of it when I go for my Transfer Open House session in July. That will be fun, especially because I don't have to be there early in the morning like my younger brother had to do for his orientation. That means I don't have to wake up early for it, which is fine with me.

Sweet its been raining for about an hour and a half now, and man did it pour. Its calmed down a bit and quite a lot cooler than it was earlier, and I want the rain to continue because I love the sound of it, the smell of the rain and the tranquility that comes with the rain. Even when it storms, I can still find the tranquility in it; which is something that even my friends still wonder about. Che, its just my love of the rain, that and the feeling of everything being washed away, the feeling of being stripped bare to anyone to see because of the rain.

I would be working on the next chapter of A Quincy's Heart or the FMA Roy/Ed story that I started a little while back, but I just had to get hammered by a ton of ideas for several 339 KHR oneshots. I think its because I'm in serious lack of material for this pairing, and I want to add to the awesome part of this fandom. Either way, I'll be working on them for a while before I get back to my other fanfics.

I really need more caffeine, I can already tell that I'm getting a withdrawal headache. I'm not getting anything highly caffeinated, just something that's enough to help with this damn headache.

-Corrupted Innocence
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